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About Dr. Evan Coravos, DMD

Dr. Coravos is an active member in the Lowell community serving in leadership capacities for the following organizations: Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, past president of the Northeastern Dental Society, Central New England Dental Research Group & the Greater Lowell Dental Society.

A practicing Dentist for over 30 years, Dr. Coravos has served 25 years on the dental advisory board at Middlesex Community College & Sports Trauma Dentist at UMass Lowell and actively supports Lowell Historical Society, Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust and The Whistler House Museum of Art. Schedule an Appointment

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Welcome to the Dental Office of Dr. Evan Coravos, DMD, located at 75 Arcand Drive, in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Our Dental Services

General Dentistry

At the offices of Evan Coravos D.M.D, your oral health is our number #1 priority. We provide our clients with preventative services such as regular exams & restorative services when problems arise.

Teeth Whitening

If a brighter smile is what you're looking for, we've got you covered. We provide teeth whitening services such as cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers.

Emergency Dental Care

From popcorn abscesses to acute tooth pain to sports injuries, demands for emergency dental care can come in all forms. We're here to help. Call us for any of emergency dental care needs.

Patient Care

Our patients are treated with the highest quality care. We maintain a highly progressive office and provide state-of-the-art treatment.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns fill gaps and help restore your smile if you're missing or have damaged teeth. A crown can also help you bite & chew better, which can improve your digestive system as you get older.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Looking for an option to straighten your teeth? Look no further than Invisalign clear braces. We have many options to choose from and can transform your smile in as little as 24 months.

Quality Customer Service


From the moment you step into our front office area, your family is welcomed with care and delight. Once settled, you'll be greeted by one of our front office staff directing you towards your dental needs.

Modern Technology


We've upgraded our equipment to provide our customers with quality, efficient, streamlined services all on site. Dental procedures done at our Downtown Lowell office save you time & money.

Child Dentistry


We're dedicated to the oral health of your entire family. We're pediatric dentists offering a wide range of expertise and training to keep your children's teeth, gums and mouth in excellent health.

Meet Our Team

Allow us to introduce you to our amazing staff at the Dr. Evan Coravos Office

Dr. Evan Coravos

Dr. Evan Coravos has served the Lowell community for over 30 years as a general & cosmetic dentist. Born & raised in Lowell, he graduated from LHS in 1973, later attending St. Anselm College, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude 77'. Dr. Coravos attended the Boston University School of Graduate Dentistry and received his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry in 1981.

Dental Hygienist

Tene joined our team in 1998 with more than 20 years of dental experience. She is a multitasker, ranging from dental hygienist to dental assistant to office administrator. She enjoys spending time with her husband, her son and her dog, Pinky. She enjoys leisurely strolls and bike rides with the whole family. As well as knitting, embroidery, sewing and crafting recyclable items.

Dental Hygienist

Rebecca joined our team in 2005, and has been a dental hygienist for more than 21 years. In 1994, she received her associate's degree from Northeastern University, and she also graduated from Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists with a certificate in Dental Hygiene. Rebecca maintains advanced training through continuing education. She spends her free time with her two children, usually cheering them on at their various sporting events.

Dental Assistant

Lindsay joined our team in April 2018, bringing with her a hearty sense of humor and an enchanting smile. You’ll usually find her alongside Dr. Coravos, delivering a helping hand with TLC that’s Teeth Loving Care. She has more than 10 years of dental assistant experience. Lindsay also brings an artistic flair to the office as she graduated from Bridgewater State College with a B.A. in Art. Lindsay resides with her family in Chelmsford, MA. She loves a day at the beach riding waves with her husband, Jeff, and her 2 small children, Evelyn and Henry.

Dental Assistant

Annie joined our team in September 2015, bringing spontaneity and youth. She brings with her over 10 years of dental knowledge. Working alongside Dr. Coravos Annie’s wit and jovial personality brightens our dental office. In her spare time, she enjoy, spending time with her husband and her two wonderful daughters. Annie also likes to karaoke, listen to different genres of music and loves a good dance off!!

Front Desk Coordinator

Allyson joined our team in January 2016. Her warm smile is the first thing you see when entering our office. Allyson comes from a background in retail; she was employed with Saks 5th Ave for 30 years. You may find Allyson at a spinning class or running through down town in her spare time. Allyson is a health enthusiast who is a bit of a “foodie”, and enjoys cooking for her family, friends, and coworkers.


Why we're the best dental office in Lowell, MA

We love Lowell and the people who call it home. For 30 years we've built a reputation in our community for exceptional service, superior results and outstanding quality of care. Patient satisfaction is at the core of our practice. Our team is devoted to providing the very best experience possible whether you are a returning patient or a first-time visitor.

Location: We're easily accessible. Our office is located in Downtown Lowell, MA with plenty of off street parking.

Experience: Dr. Evan Coravos, a lifelong Lowell resident, brings over 30 years of dental experience to his clients.

Service: We provide top-notch customer service to all of customers from the moment they step into our office.

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FAQs Regarding Dental Care

General questions about the dental care, procedures, costs, etc.

Q: Are payment plans available for my dental treatment?

A: Dental treatment is an excellent investment in an individual’s medical and psychological well-being. We believe that financial inhibitors should not be an obstacle in obtaining this important health service. We are sensitive to the fact that people have different means in fulfilling their financial obligations; therefore we would like to provide the following payment options to you.

Q: What Kind of Toothbrush and Toothpaste Should I Use?

A: Electric toothbrushes remove 80% more plaque and debris than a manual toothbrush. We encourage our patients to use an electric toothbrush. If a manual toothbrush is used, then soft bristles are recommended.
Toothpastes can be very abrasive and damage gums and enamel. Abrasive toothpaste use can lead to gum recession. We recommend low abrasion toothpaste. A list of toothpaste and their ``relative dental abrasivity`` can be found on our website.

Q: What is the Difference Between a Crown and a Veneer?

A: Crowns and veneers both help to improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile. Both cover your teeth to mask imperfections, such as discoloration and chipped teeth. A veneer is used if your teeth are otherwise healthy but you are looking to improve aesthetics. A crown is used if your tooth needs reinforcement, often due to chips, cracks or tooth decay.

Q: What if I have an emergency?

A: Please call our office as soon as you determine that you have a dental emergency. The answering service will contact us. Our office staff will return your phone call within 30 minutes. Our live answering service is available 24/7, including nights, weekends and holidays. We will see most of our emergencies the same day!

Q: How safe are dental X-rays?

A: Exposure to all sources of radiation - including the sun, minerals in the soil, appliances in your home and dental x-rays can be harmful. Fortunately, the dosage of x-rays received by a dental patient is extremely small. For example, a full mouth series of radiographs (which is only taken every 5-7 years) uses a similar amount of radiation that you would receive on a cross country airplane trip. We utilize digital x-rays in our office which use even less radiation than conventional x-rays. We customize our x-ray interval for each patient based on necessity. We only take necessary radiographs needed for diagnosis.

Q: What is invisalign

A: Invisalign is the process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. Aligners are custom made using molds taken of your teeth.

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